He Asked Me To Watch Him While He Sleeps Because He Does Terrible Things To People At Night..

Avaldati 4 veebr 2021
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I've never played a horror game where the bad guy asks me to watch him sleep because he can't control himself at night...until now
Game 1: truekvlt.itch.io/the-mold-exorcist
Game 2: roaddust.itch.io/jos-house
Game 3: humphreysmedia.itch.io/floor-number-five
Song is "19th Floor - Bobby Richards " from EElong's free audio library
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Kubz Scouts
  • elizabeth FNaF little girl

    elizabeth FNaF little girl

    2 tundi tagasi

    Why Jo's her heaf

  • _Storm Queen_

    _Storm Queen_

    18 tundi tagasi

    Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction was the best show omfg

  • Sireen Jaafar

    Sireen Jaafar

    Päev tagasi

    Buns that turn on nuns
    — jay

  • Aaliyah Salazar

    Aaliyah Salazar

    2 päeva tagasi

    my bfs hair and like goatyyy (or however you spell it) looks exactly like yours and i cant be happier cause he looks like you XD

  • Keea Rentzios

    Keea Rentzios

    2 päeva tagasi

    Jay:Just exercise the mold
    Demon:screeches the same way my demon child brother does
    Me:(turns to look at him) When you said you got a new job I did not expect it to be demon screeching

  • 【 Øh AŘƗe͓̽ŁŁe͓̽? 】

    【 Øh AŘƗe͓̽ŁŁe͓̽? 】

    2 päeva tagasi

    He really should be a voice actor it's ridiculous.

  • Quirky Vlogs

    Quirky Vlogs

    3 päeva tagasi

    *me my way to Jay's house*Oh Nvm then

  • Julka. Julka

    Julka. Julka

    4 päeva tagasi

    Jo's house is the hiysr from house party and supervisor saori sato

  • M'O'CHI'


    4 päeva tagasi

    Jay: What's your name?
    Jay: kewl.

  • scarlette leidenfrost

    scarlette leidenfrost

    4 päeva tagasi


  • Maya Marina

    Maya Marina

    4 päeva tagasi

    why does this remind me of stranger things(the first game)

  • zaivoo


    4 päeva tagasi

    you should play little nightmares 2

  • Avatar Uzumaki

    Avatar Uzumaki

    5 päeva tagasi

    Jo Besity on the game over screen lookin like he’s posting for his own rap album cover 😂🤣

  • K i y o m i

    K i y o m i

    5 päeva tagasi

    The voice Jay did for Jo was immaculate pft-

  • not pogers

    not pogers

    6 päeva tagasi


  • The Cucumber Of Fate

    The Cucumber Of Fate

    7 päeva tagasi

    Jos house is my favorite

  • iprPLAYZ


    8 päeva tagasi

    You should play granny it’s very easy to play but scary in the same time the original is mobile but it’s better on pc it’s more scary

  • ¿Glïtçhtræp?


    8 päeva tagasi


    • ¿Glïtçhtræp?


      8 päeva tagasi

      Fanboying 🤪🤪

  • Adira Benner-Cuasay

    Adira Benner-Cuasay

    8 päeva tagasi

    idk why but "I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave" sounded like an inspirational quote you would find on a hallmark card

  • verge


    9 päeva tagasi

    turns out jays actually a pirate



    9 päeva tagasi

    Isn't game 2 the same house as opening the ps5 game?

  • Omar Edwards

    Omar Edwards

    9 päeva tagasi

    Can u pls play bogeyman

  • DJ Subatomic says Non-binary Rights

    DJ Subatomic says Non-binary Rights

    10 päeva tagasi

    Jay: "What's your name?"
    Demon mold: *"RrEEE"*

  • Fréakish_símp


    10 päeva tagasi

    Guys I’m sorry to tell you but... Kubz is my boyfriend. Please don’t get jealous. 😔🖐

  • Yvonne Margaret Tanedo

    Yvonne Margaret Tanedo

    11 päeva tagasi

    roses are red,
    free games r stressful,
    my sister gets demonetized,
    when kubzscouts always cusses

  • - Cookie Berries -

    - Cookie Berries -

    11 päeva tagasi

    It should have been *you just got Jo’d*

  • N3XO


    12 päeva tagasi

    the only people who can like this are the people who recognize the house from jos game from another game

  • mikey murphy

    mikey murphy

    12 päeva tagasi

    Notice on the game with jo jay is in the house he unboxed the ps5 in

  • mikey murphy

    mikey murphy

    12 päeva tagasi

    Notice how the last game was the same house when he unboxed the ps5 before

  • Pixela Moonz

    Pixela Moonz

    13 päeva tagasi

    Anyone else recognize the background of game 2 or is it just me
    Ps5 unboxing
    The game where u show the house virtual house tour
    Look very similar

  • Eli Plays

    Eli Plays

    13 päeva tagasi


  • PandaPants


    13 päeva tagasi

    The Platform is a great movie, highly recommend.

  • PandaPants


    13 päeva tagasi

    No one talking about how his name be "Jo Besity?"

  • Lexiholic


    13 päeva tagasi

    Did anyone recognize the house in the second game??? It’s like a shittier rendition of House Party lmao

  • caleb sullivan

    caleb sullivan

    13 päeva tagasi


  • J Guthrie

    J Guthrie

    13 päeva tagasi

    his name is supposed to be like obesity but with a j

  • Hazmat in a Gas Mask

    Hazmat in a Gas Mask

    14 päeva tagasi

    Jo: Use any means necessary to keep me from leaving
    Also Jo: You can't block that what if there's a fire

  • KB W

    KB W

    14 päeva tagasi

    6:31 what my sims 2 sim looks like.

  • W Lee

    W Lee

    14 päeva tagasi

    Did no one else notice with game 2 thats the same house from a different game jay played...

  • Minty Catz

    Minty Catz

    14 päeva tagasi

    a friend has shown me you, and now you got a new sub! your videos awesome

  • Sid The Jovian

    Sid The Jovian

    14 päeva tagasi

    When Jay does the Australian voice for Jo, it just fits him so perfectly, really sounds like what Jo would sound like, simply hilarious 😂

  • yxng samantha

    yxng samantha

    14 päeva tagasi

    Do y’all notice the 2nd game he played the house look mad familiar from a game he played 10 months ago called virtual open house

    • KB W

      KB W

      14 päeva tagasi

      Ah it is

  • Minidream


    14 päeva tagasi

    The first game: *Literally adding symbols and demonic voices to the scene*
    Me: Jay you missed a spot.
    It's a horror game and all I can think of is that one patch of mold he skipped over at the top X3

  • MinionADZ


    14 päeva tagasi

    Isnt Jo's house (Game 2) from the game "House Party"

  • Puzzle K.

    Puzzle K.

    14 päeva tagasi

    I was not expecting Jo to roll like that

  • JustCam


    14 päeva tagasi

    Jo's house is the house from the ps5 simulator game

  • Cookie Hearts

    Cookie Hearts

    14 päeva tagasi

    At least we can pause the video to read the chat lol

  • Sorfina Sofry

    Sorfina Sofry

    15 päeva tagasi

    I love jays voice representation of the old man in the 2nd game lol

  • OwO UwU

    OwO UwU

    15 päeva tagasi

    Jayyyyyyy I looovvvveee youuuuuu 😳👉🏻👈🏻

  • Dee Jay

    Dee Jay

    15 päeva tagasi

    Why people trynna be funny in the comments now

  • Sayori _

    Sayori _

    15 päeva tagasi

    That Jo game reminds me of the SCP 3008 game in Roblox lol
    They both are kinda similar

  • s2 Animal Lover s2

    s2 Animal Lover s2

    15 päeva tagasi

    Jays old thumbnails: 😡🤬😠😤
    Jays new thumbnails: 😳🤯😮😲😦

  • Gakkou Lover

    Gakkou Lover

    15 päeva tagasi

    F A L S E

  • ArmyTinyX :3

    ArmyTinyX :3

    15 päeva tagasi

    Looks again like the Set up in the game Bestfriend with David-
    In the Jo game-

  • Cloudi3 LungzZz z

    Cloudi3 LungzZz z

    16 päeva tagasi

    the movie Jay's talking about is called the platform but it has more than 200 (possibly 312) levels. (very gorey). but basically food has to be portioned in order for most to survive. Everyone's greedy and stubborn so violence is used for order. they switch floors every 30 days never knowing where they'll end up. no one can keep food for themselves while the platform is moving otherwise the room will turn extremely hot or extremely cold resulting in brutal death.

  • Hinata


    16 päeva tagasi

    why does jay look like kaito momota

  • alexglich oritz

    alexglich oritz

    16 päeva tagasi

    Jo got big buns eh and a weird face ma guy

  • amber woods

    amber woods

    16 päeva tagasi

    6:25 GAD-AM

  • Ayesha Amim

    Ayesha Amim

    16 päeva tagasi

    The house really looks like in that game where the little boy gets kidnapped AND the PS5 game jay played

  • the street

    the street

    16 päeva tagasi

    Im waitig for ze dangenronpa

  • Terrarian_ 1246

    Terrarian_ 1246

    16 päeva tagasi

    I realized that his name is Jo Besity because he is obese-

  • Alexandrea Kennedy

    Alexandrea Kennedy

    16 päeva tagasi

    Did anybody notice that the phone number had 666 in it

  • creep creep

    creep creep

    16 päeva tagasi

    Did anybody else realize the house is from house party

    • creep creep

      creep creep

      16 päeva tagasi

      In the jo game

  • Scherbyetz


    16 päeva tagasi

    The last game is the epitome of social hierarchy

  • jotaro


    16 päeva tagasi

    *it never happened*

  • Katsuki bakugou

    Katsuki bakugou

    17 päeva tagasi

    Where's shitty hair at?

    • Mira •

      Mira •

      17 päeva tagasi


  • Clapz


    17 päeva tagasi


  • Clapz


    17 päeva tagasi

    Barry his name is Billy

  • scree scree

    scree scree

    17 päeva tagasi

    No not today~

  • Screaming


    17 päeva tagasi

    Jo: *minding his own business*
    Jay: B U N S O N B U N S

  • yung blood

    yung blood

    17 päeva tagasi

    Jo's house is the smaller version of the ps5 simulator map

  • Brionne Vulimaibau

    Brionne Vulimaibau

    17 päeva tagasi

    when he was talking about the movie platform I thought he was talking about the game😂

  • UniKaiGaming


    17 päeva tagasi

    That second game is the same house of House Party

  • - Dream

    - Dream

    18 päeva tagasi




    18 päeva tagasi

    Omg my BFFs names jay XD
    he... uh cumited OOF

  • Asher KT

    Asher KT

    18 päeva tagasi

    "i hate to see you go but i love to see you leave"

    yep im stealing that one

  • FoxyBreeze


    18 päeva tagasi

    Lol feb 14 is valentines day

  • AS


    18 päeva tagasi

    I think that was the most stressed and aggressive way someone could say "SKEDADDLED"

  • Shea Genix

    Shea Genix

    18 päeva tagasi

    You're so fuqn talented I swear. Your british accent was on point.

  • Shea Genix

    Shea Genix

    18 päeva tagasi

    Man there is no one out there like you, you deserve so much more subs. When you don't post a video I gotta settle. Smh

  • Fairy Duckling

    Fairy Duckling

    18 päeva tagasi

    Why does exorcise your mood sound like a euphemism

  • Tsunami Seawing

    Tsunami Seawing

    18 päeva tagasi

    Jay is THAT DUDE!

  • Isela Lopez

    Isela Lopez

    18 päeva tagasi

    Play the game Headaches bro I played it and i thought you would enjoy it👌❤

  • 001SikaRio


    18 päeva tagasi

    Jay : And today I got my k pop special hair.
    Me:Waht the Heck :D that's a good sentence

  • alyssa jette

    alyssa jette

    18 päeva tagasi

    I really like this

  • Scarlet Augi

    Scarlet Augi

    18 päeva tagasi

    The house with Jo is the same from The Open House and I'm enjoying it

  • SicklyAbyss


    18 päeva tagasi

    Hey Jay from the Kubz Scouts please play Omori! Its an amazing game and a bit on the unsettling side :) Boost this so he can see this!

  • Noah Lyons

    Noah Lyons

    18 päeva tagasi

    Can u react to more wansee and lama arts?

  • anaishathecreator


    18 päeva tagasi


  • Isamu Munakata 宗像勇 - King of the Far East Asia

    Isamu Munakata 宗像勇 - King of the Far East Asia

    18 päeva tagasi

    The most important tip: Never celebrate too damn early

  • ARMY forever

    ARMY forever

    18 päeva tagasi

    KPOP hair 🧚‍♀️

  • BluChurro


    19 päeva tagasi

    *3 seconds left*
    *Game: Nope not today*

  • Akumu Ryuu

    Akumu Ryuu

    19 päeva tagasi

    That last game is such a mess. Send most food down while keeping only some of it for yourself to not die of starvation. While game is like "You greedy monster!".

  • rantaro Amami

    rantaro Amami

    19 päeva tagasi

    Ibuki says I like this content

  • ShugarGlider


    19 päeva tagasi

    loving the kpop style hair ngl
    unless he said something else.. 💀

  • Melaya Rasmussen

    Melaya Rasmussen

    19 päeva tagasi

    Why does jay low key sound like Johnny Depp

  • ToStaDa Con MErmELadA dE uvA xd

    ToStaDa Con MErmELadA dE uvA xd

    19 päeva tagasi

    the joe game is the same house at that one game of online house purchasing and the PS5 unboxing simulator XD

  • Jacob Adams

    Jacob Adams

    19 päeva tagasi

    Love how the third game is structured after a great horror movie

  • DarthVader Reviews

    DarthVader Reviews

    19 päeva tagasi

    I love that the last game is based of the platform

  • This Is Mark

    This Is Mark

    19 päeva tagasi

    I didn’t know anyone else watched “The platform”. I thought I was the only one since it really isn’t talked about